Welcome to Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Plays Online

restore provides edited and annotated texts of plays written between 1660 and the late 1770s for anyone interested in this exciting period of English theatre history. The goal of the site is twofold: to make available texts that are becoming increasingly difficult to find with at least the minimal editorial apparatus needed to assist modern readers; and to render these texts in a practicable form for the undergraduate classroom, though these editions are not intended to take the place of scholarly critical editions.

Each text is based on the earliest edition available to me, usually, but not always, the first. Spellings have been modernized, and I have altered punctuation when it seemed likely to impede clarity. Explanatory notes are chiefly confined to glossing obsolete or unusual words and phrases.

Comments and questions can be directed to Dr. Cameron McFarlane, Department of English Studies, Nipissing University: cameronm@nipissingu.ca